HUDA PAR visited other political parties for Eid HUDA PAR visited other political parties for Eid

HUDA PAR commission visited other political parties to greet their Eid.

The HUDA PAR committee did not fail to mention the conspiracy against the victims who are imprisoned as a result of it, which has changed the spirituality of Eid.

Political parties carry on with their Eid visits. HUDA PAR General Secretary Mehmet Yavuz and its committee visited Saadet Party (Felicity Party), AK Party (Justice and Development Party) and DSP’s head office.

The committee firstly visited Saadet Party’s office. Deputy head Temel Karamollaoglu, Mehmet Karaman, Ankara head province Huseyin Haciabdullahoglu and Local Government Commission member Erkut Asar welcomed HUDA PAR and its committee.

After the visit Karamollaoglu remarked the need of unity for the fragmented ummah of Islam.

Yavuz followed on with his speech mentioning the solution process and Islam geography. Yavuz drew attention to the fact that the equations in the Middle East are all set and protected by Zionist Israel and the petrol sea is under their dominance. Muslims therefore should act within their own dynamics and sensibility.

Yavuz also underlined that Muslims should act together in issues that concern all of them, “In these situations we should set aside political parties and groups and instead altruism should be made”.

The committee then visited AK Party’s head office. AK Party’s deputy head Oznur Calik, deputy governance Nevzat Ceylan, AK Party Ankara MP Murat Alparslan, AK Party deputy head of the Youth Branch Zeynep Yildiz and AK Party Ankara MP Julide Sarieloglu all welcomed HUDA PAR and its committee.

“Victims of conspiracy should be set free”

Yavuz remarked the importance of visiting family members on Eid day but on this day innocent people are still imprisoned as a result of the conspiracies by anti-democratic coalitions in the government. It has been revealed that these people are innocent and are blamed for things they haven’t committed but regardless of this they are still kept in prison. Further steps should be taken for the liberty of the victims.

In order to form a new government there has been major works of forming a coalition. There has never been a time like this in which people have disapproved the idea of a coalition government, said Yavuz.

Yavuz also mentioned that as a member of HUDA PAR, we think peoples views should be taken into consideration rather than political parties outcomes.

Calik was very glad of the visit and said that as a government they have been working very hard to solve the problems of Turkey for a while now and they will carry on working as much as they can.

A culture of living equally within every society should be developed

The HUDA PAR committee then visited DSP’s head office to greet their Eid. DSP Head Secretary Hasan Ercelebi welcomed the committee.

Ercelebi mentioned that it was a pleasure to meet the committee and they should continue to meet up for the parties to get to know each other.

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