'Of course we will be celebrating the Eid, which is a grace of Allah to us' 'Of course we will be celebrating the Eid, which is a grace of Allah to us'

Mustazaflar Association Istanbul Branch President, celebrated the Eid of all Muslims in his statement with wishing that all Muslims of the world to get their rights and all innocent people to get rid of cruelty.

Mustazaflar Association Istanbul Branch President Mehmet Esin made an assessment because of the Eid al-Fitr and indicated that Muslims should be practicing their prayers and religious life more strictly.

 "We should continue the atmosphere we caught on the month of Ramadan"

Indicating that Muslims shouldn’t lose the momentum which they ought on the month of Ramadan, Mehmet Esin have spoken as; "Thank and prayers be to Allah, who have brought us to another holy month of Ramadan. I hope Allah will accept our prayers we have held as; Tarawih, fasting, salah, zakah, charity and fıtır. I hope we will do our prayers and surrendering and obedience in same sensitivity also after the Ramadan and continue the same atmosphere. "

"We will keep celebrating our Eid Al-Fitr which is grace from Allah to us, despite the conditions are hard and difficult"

Drawing attention to that there is blood, destruction, immigration and slavery in the Islamic world, Esin said; "unfortunately, as ummah we are longing for a real Eids. Muslims can only find peace, relax, become free, live their beliefs and same they need to in the geography where the provisions of Allah are rulers. Even if the conditions are hard and difficult, we will celebrate and have the Eid hich is grace of Allah for us. Muslims celebrate the Eid Al-Fitr by Assuming that the fasting they did for one month is accepted by Allah and also celebrate because after on month of fasting food and drinks are allowed. I hope Allah accepted the prayers. "

"We shouldn’t neglect the families of martyrs and prisoned ones"

Underlining that especially families of those who are imprisoned and martyred, shouldn’t be forgotten, Esin said, "In spite of everything we should celebrate our Eids with takbirs and with Salavahs, we should full fill the mosques in the morning of the Eid and also celebrate the Eid of our neighbors, friends, relatives and brothers. Especially we should visit the families of those who have sacrificed their lives and those who are imprisoned for the glory and honor of Islam, also we should canoodle their children’s heads. I hope this Eid will be the last Eid of the ummah with having separations, exclusions, traps and pains. I want to celebrate the Eid of all Muslims over the world wth hoping that all oppressed people of the world to reach their rights and all oppressed people to get rid of the persecution. " ( ILKHA)

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