Bombing attack in Suruc Bombing attack in Suruc

Explosion occurred in the garden of Amara Cultural Center in Suruc a border town in Turkey. It is reported that at least 30 people killed and more than a hundred of people were wounded.

The explosion occurred at Amara cultural Center located in the city center at about 12.15. It is reported that a suicide bombing caused the explosion killing at least 30 people and more than one hundred were wounded.

The suicide attack was carried out while the group was making a press statement.

Numerous of ambulances, firefighting and UMKE teams were sent to explosion scene. Casualties were transported to the city centers nearby the town after they had received first medical treatment in Suruc state hospital

As the tension has got higher in the town center, police forces left the hospital over the protest of HDP and DBP members. Shops in the town shut down by their owners due to high tension in the town.

At the same time another blast was reported occurred in Kobani in the border region. (ILKHA)

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