Religious shopkeepers' shops burnt down in Adana Religious shopkeepers' shops burnt down in Adana

PKK members set fire to 3 religious shopkeepers' shops during a protest in Seyhan, Adana.

Last night PKK members burnt down shops of 3 religious shopkeepers whilst protesting in the Kucukdikili district of Seyhan town.

The fire fighters were unable to extinguish the fire due to the protest incidents, which then resulted in the shops completely burning with the products in it.

It has been reported that a group of PKK members wanted to protest against the bomb attack in Suruc so they chose to protest in Seyhan last night.

PKK members closed the road and set a fire. At 22:30 they headed towards the 3 religious artisans shops and they set fire to 3 different shops. At the same time they were seen to have been firing gun to random directions.

They stole from the shops next they set fire to

As the firemen could not extinguish the fire, all 3 shops were completely burnt. It has been noted that PKK members also stole electronic goods from the shops such as mobile phones and laptops.

The incident lasted 2 hours approximately and drivers who wished to use the road were threatened with their vehicles being set on fire. The police officers had arrived to the scene at approximately 12am.

On the other hand, it has been noted that the 3 individuals were only especially aimed at because of their religious identities.

The shopkeepers whose shops burnt down reacted to attacks and the damages. The owner of the hairdressers shop stated that the material damage is too much but they thank Allah that at least that nothing had actually happened to anyone.

The PKK members fired with long barrel guns to the artisans

“The PKK members were stopped by other artisans when they wanted to set fire to other shops. The protestors had shotguns and they were firing to the sky to get the artisans away. For this reason the artisans had to run away. They burnt down some shops and also stole goods from them. The police officers arrived to the scene very late and the group run away when the police arrived”, said the neighbourhood. (ILKHA)

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