Davutoglu made explanations over bombing attack in Suruc Davutoglu made explanations over bombing attack in Suruc

Prime Minister Davutoglu has made explanations about the suicide attack in Suruc. Davutoglu has depicted the incident as a terrorist action committed savagely.

In his explanation made in Cankaya about suicide attack in Suruc, Davutoglu said that, “When we consider the occasion of the event, we face with a brutal terrorist action probably carried out by a suicide bomber , not only that we condemn the incident but also having the will to find out the perpetrators to book.”

“32 killed, 104 casualties; 10 of them under surgery and 9 in intensive care”

Davutoglu said that, “We are worn to have the joy of Eid. At about 11.50 the attack was conducted against the group while making a statement to the press. 32 of our compatriots lost their lives. We have 104 casualties 31 of them have discharged from the hospital, 43 of them are still in the hospitals and 9 of them are in intensive care unit. According to the initial findings a suicide bomber affiliated with ISIS identified.”

“This attack targeted all of us”

Saying that, “We face with a condemned terrorist attack” Davutoglu said that, “An extensive investigation has launched. We face with a brutal terrorist action carried out by a suicide bomber. Attacks staged both in Suruc and in Adıyaman are clear sabotages targeting unity of Turkey. These are the assaults against peace, safety and democracy of Turkey. I don’t regard these attacks against any particular group but against nation. The time of these attacks fell on just after Eid indicates that these attacks targeted the whole country. It is the exact time to unite and have a common attitude against terrorists group regardless of wherever they commit these crimes.”

Objecting to some comments over the incident, Davutoglu said that, “I call on those who are trying to present our government backing ISIS; Turkey has always taken the necessary measures. The ones call upon people to occupy the streets are collaborating with terrorist groups try to drag people to new conflict situations.”

Davutoglu added that, “Hereby I also call on people who accused of my party and my state; I say to all political party leaders this is the day to come together and sign a mutual declaration against terrorism. I am ready to do that. Let’s condemn any terrorist organization has targeted Turkey. If we receive a positive respond then we will sign the mutual declaration. I hope that our call won’t remain unanswered.” (ILKHA)

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