People are unease in Suruc People are unease in Suruc

After the bomb attack Suruc district of Sanliurfa, unease continues in the district. Governor has forbidden any kind of meetings, demonstrations or press meetings in the province or towns nearby.

Due to bomb attack in Suruc, 32 people killed  and around 100 people got wounded. While the crime scene investigation is completed, security measures increased while many armored vehicles of police and gendarmes were sent to the town.

While those who got injured sent to hospital, the bodies of those who lost their lives in the explosion were taken to the Forensic Medicine Institute for an autopsy in Gaziantep. After the autopsies of those who lost their lives was completed, their dead bodies were delivered to their relatives in Gaziantep.

Collecting bags full of evidence from the scene, police were sent the bags to Police Criminal Laboratories in Ankara to investigate them.

After the incident yesterday, there were no any police or soldiers in Suruc center. At the entry and exit of Suruc some teenagers estimated to be HDP members, searched vehicles and identities. Just Towards evening police and soldiers came to the checkpoints.

The shutters were closed yesterday in Suruc didn’t also open today, only bakeries and pharmacies were open. It was observed that people were anxious even at smallest noise.

Those who came to the ‘Amara culture center’ were just allowed after they were by municipality Police teams.

Any kind of statement was banned in Sanliurfa

Sanliurfa Governor's Office have announced that any kind of after meetings, demonstrations or press releases were banned after the explosion in order to take security measures of any potential incidents.

While the funeral was removing from the Amara cultural Centre a person who learned to be the imam in Halfeti, lynched allegedly because he was carrying black flag with writing ‘There is no god except Allah’ in his bag. However, with police blocking the imam was saved from being lynched at the last moment.

The flags with writing ‘There is no god except Allah’ wrapped on coffins were removed

While flags of Federation of Socialist Youth Associations (SGDF) were hank, flags with writing ‘There is no god except Allah’ and wrapped around the coffins, were removed from the coffins.

Meanwhile, even the Amara cultural center belongs to the municipality is a building surrounded with walls, it has been question that how the bomber went inside and how went among those who were holding the press release and exploded the bomb. (ILKHA)

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