PKK slays a religious man in Adana in sight of his family PKK slays a religious man in Adana in sight of his family

A devout man was brutally murdered by PKK thugs in Adana, in the sight of his family when he returned home after visiting the mosque.

Last night in Seyhan a town in Adana, Ethem Turkben aged 30 returned home from maghrib prayer and was shot on the head whilst he was having dinner with his family at home.

It has been reported that Ethem Turkben returned home after visiting the Hazreti Enes Mosque to pray in Gulbahce district of Seyhan. A group of 3 people with masks then raided his house shooting him on the head living him dead.

Turkben was shot in the sight of 3 of his children and was taken to a private hospital by his close family members but regardless of all interventions his life could not be saved.   
Close family members of Turkben stated that the murderers ran away after shooting Turkben and that they were members of PKK as they had threatened him on many occasions before.

On the other hand, it has been reported that PKK members were demonstrating again today in the district of Gulbahce and as a result of this shopkeepers have kept their shutters down. The tension remains in the area. (ILKHA)

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